Valentina Ganeva


Valentina Ganeva graduated from VITIZ, in Sofia, Bulgaria with BA degree in Film and Theater, History, Theory and Criticism. She made her mark as a freelance journalist for major Bulgarian publications covering the international film festivals from Cannes and Berlin to New York and Sundance. Miss Ganeva relocated to Los Angeles and continued her film studies at UCLA, Extention. Eager to expand her knowledge in production she took a class in Avid and began her carieer as an editor. Since 2000 she has run her own post-production company Murex Films & Editorial with partner Nabil Mechi. Currently Valentina is working on a feature-lenght documentary about R. M. Schindler, one of the most prominent figures of  Modern Architecture in California and is helming the project as a producer/director.

Film - Documentaries - TV

"Hollywood" trt: 90 min Feature Film dir. Josh Evans 2015
"May It Feel Your Soul" trt: 58 min Documentary dir. Tim Rice Premiered at SEE FEST LA 2011, Screened at Sofia International Film Festival, 2012
"Adventure Guides: Return to Blackfoot" dir. John Dietch HOOK TV 2010
"I kissed A Vampire" Musical dir. Chris Nolan Premiered at Seatle Film Festival 2010
"Privilege" Pilot for Reality Show dir. James Bruce Show James Bruce Productions 2008
"Primal Quest" Pilot/Trailer for Reality Show dir. Marc Kohl James Bruce Productions 2008
"Big Shot Live" Reality Show dir. James Bruce CBS/Scouts Well Productions 2008
“Living Luminaries” trt: 110 min. Docu-Fiction dir. Larry Kurnarsky Gotham Metro 2007
"House Concerts: The Home Invasion Tour" trt: 102 min Documentary dir. John Mullenhauer 2005
"The Making of Adventures in Wild California" trt: 90 min Documentary dir. John Dietch Castle Creek Productions
"Risk" trt: 5 min Concert Film for Megadeth dir. Kyle La Branche Capitol Records
"Soul Retrieval" trt: 12 min Documentary dir. Fiorenzo Nisi
"Fans" trt: 12min Short Film featuring Robbie Williams dir. Kyle LaBrache International Orange
"Boom and Bust in Bristol Bay" trt: 5 min Pilot for documentary dir. Kris Beckman
"Boys Having Fun" featuring Back Street Boys trt: 120 min Documentary dir.Kay Sehr Jive Records
Deep Kick, Red Hot Chili Peppers trt 140 min Docu - Fiction dir. Gavin Bowden Original Film/WB
Intimate Portraits - Fran Drescher GRP/ Lifetime
"Choice" trt: 20 min Documentary dir Dianna Coen
"Anu Yoga with Lama Lanang" trt: 60 min Documentary dir. Valentina Ganeva
"Take It Off" Benefit show for "Tuesday's Child" dir. Dean Lean Sneak Preview Entertainment
"Get Into It" Pilot for TV show hosted by Judith Owen dir. Peter Rodger Mike's Movies
"Birth of Ikea" trt: 10 min Short Film dir. Margi English Luminaries Pictures

Music Videos - Live Concerts

MAXWELL "Bad Habits" LET dir. Anthony Mandler
LEONA LEWIS "Forgive Me" Crossroad Films dir. Wayne Isham
WILSON & YANDEL "Estas Tentando" remix dir. Jessy Terrero
WISIN & YANDEL "Te Quiero" Terrero Films dir. Jessy Terrero
RICH BOY featuring POLOW and KERI HILSON "Good Things" Terrero Films dir. Ulysses Terrero
KAT DE LUNA "Am I Dreaming" Terrero Films dir. Jessy Terrero
COLLIE BUDZ "Mamachita" Terrero Films dir. Jessy Terrero & Ulysses Terrero
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK "Summertime" DNA dir. Thomas Kloss
RASCAL FLATTS "Everyday" Deaton Flanigen dir. Robert Deaton
ELLIOTT SMITH "Son of Sam" Palomar dir. Autumn de Wilde
DANA GLOVER "Thinking Over" dir. David Hogan
HAYDEN PANETTIERE "Wake Up Call" Reactor Film dir. Chris Applebaum
BRIT & ALEX "Let It Go" Reactor Film dir. Chris Applebaum
STING "Desert Rose" remix Propaganda dir. Paul Boyd
FAT "Downtime" Crush Films dir. Gerald V. Casale
REFRESHMENTS "Good Year" Crush Films dir. Gerald V. Casale
BAD RELIGION "Raise Your Voice" Arsenal dir. Kay Sehr
LOU BEGA "Mambo, Mambo" Arsenal dir. Kai Sehr
LIVE "They Stood Up For Love" Arsenal dir.Kai Sehr
TITO AND TARANTULLA " After Dark" Arsenal dir. Kay Sehr
EVERLIFE "Real Wild Child" Collaboration Factory dir. Urban Storm                                                                                                                             
BACK STREET BOYS "I'll Never Break..." / Spanish version / Geneva Films dir. Bille Woodruff
JOE "All That I Am" Geneva Films dir. Bille Woodruff
LYSETTE "Young, Sad & Blue" Geneva Films dir. Bille Woodruff
REEL TIGHT "I Want You" Geneva Films dir. Aaron Courseault
SAM SALTER "There You Are" Geneva Films dir. Fatima Washington
LINK "I Really Wanna..." Geneva Films dir. Fatima Washington
SHANA PETRONE "Something Real" dir. Paul Holahan
JIMMY SOMMERS "James Cafe" dir. Bill Boyd
SIMON SAYS "Slider" LIVE show music video International Orange dir. Kyle LaBrache
DEVO 2.0 Feature Length Music DVD dir. Gerald V. Casale Client: Disney
BOY HITS CAR "Lovecore" LIVE show music video Original Film dir. Gavin Bowden
RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS "One Hot Minute" WORLD TOUR LIVE Original Film/ WB dir. Gavin Bowden
DEVO LIVE at Lalapalooza 1997 dir. Gerald V. Casale DVD release RHINO 2004
DEVO LIVE in London 2009 dir. Gerald V. Casale DVD release Warner Brothers Records 2009
LONEY STONEY "Scents" Murex Films dir. Valentina Ganeva 2012
LONEY STONEY "Something Soft" Murex Films dir. Valentina Ganeva 2012
LONEY STONEY "Candy Coated Kisses" Murex Films dir. Valentina Ganeva 2012

Commercials - Infomercials - Trailers

CANDIES "Hayden" dir. Chris Applebaum Reactor Film
HARDEE'S "Breakfast Club" dir. John Mastromonaco Agency: Mendelsohn/Zien
BELL SOUTH "New Girl" dir. Danny Ducovny Cucoloris
SEPPALA "Shell" dir. Gerald V. Casale Bad Company Films Agency: King Agency Sweden
SEPPALA "Meeting" dir. Gerald V. Casale Bad Company Films Agency: King Agency Sweden
SEPPALA "Kids" dir. Gerald V. Casale Bad Company Films Agency: King Agency Sweden
PETA "Why Do Animals Attack" dir. Jerry V Casale Bad Company Films
COTONNELLE "What" dir. Danny Ducovny Cucoloris
CHECKERS Rally's dir. Danny Ducovny Cucoloris
Evolution/PBS "The Flea Master" dir. Gerald V. Casale Bad Company Films
Evolution/PBS "Pigs" dir. Gerald V. Casale Bad Company Films
Evolution/PBS "Men" dir. Gerald V. Casale Bad Company Films
EPA/Energy Star "Home Office" dir. Danny Ducovny Agency: Mullen
EPA/Energy Star "Lighting" dir. Danny Ducovny Agency: Mullen
EPA/Energy Star "New Home"dir. Danny Ducovny Agency: Mullen
ZURICH "Blue Dot" dir. Danny Ducovny Cucoloris
BOEING "Tomorrow" dir. Danny Ducovny Cucoloris
HERSHEY'S "Smile" dir. Danny Ducovny Cucoloris
MEGADETH "Risk" dir. Kyle LaBrache International Orange
989 STUDIO "Trash" dir. Gerald V. Casale Crash Films
989 STUDIO "Elevator" dir. Gerald Casale Crash Films
CHEVY MALIBU "Chevy" dir. Danny Duchovny Cucoloris
ARTIST DIRECT "Studio" dir. Gerald V. Casale Crash Films
ENERGY BAR "Jump"r dir. Lynda Kahn Twin Art
AGNES B. "Lolita". dir. Ellen Kahn Twin Art
PRATESE "Sleep" dir. Ellen Kahn Twin Art
YOGAFIT "Traditional Yoga" dir. Gerald Casale
YOGAFIT "Chanting" dir. Gerald Casale
YOGAFIT "Sweat" dir. Gerald Casale
INFOMERCIALS: TIMESHARE RELIEF "Today's View" dir. Devin McBeth 2007
TRAILER: "Two Guys and a Girl" dir. Linda Kahn ABC
TRAILER: Adventures in Wild California"Maverick" dir. John Dietch IMAX
TRAILER: Adventures in Wild California "Skiing and Snowboarding" dir. John Dietch IMAX
TRAILER:Adventures in Wild California"Skysurfing" dir. John Dietch IMAX
TRAILER: DEVO "Concert Intro" dir. Gerald V. Casale
TRAILER: DVD Premiere Awards Show 2002
TRAILERS: Big Movie Zone -- BMZ On Location dir. Ryan Kresser: 
"Dolphins"; "Amazing Caves"; "Haunted Castle"; "Ocean Oasis
PSA Earthday dir. Jerry Cope


Megadeth EPK dir. Kyle LaBrache
Kendall Payne EPK dir. Kyle LaBrache
Judith Owen EPK dir. Kyle LaBrache
Tim MacGraw Agency Show Reel 2007
Chris Leitch, Director's Reel